Love and Sand

Yesterday, during an afternoon contemplation an image came to my head of sand. Even more so, what happens when we hold sand in our hands. When the contemplation and image ended, I was filled with this deep sense of love, only shortly to leave me after leaving the coffee shop I was in.

What I loved about this image was this:

When we try to hold sand in our hands, eventually the majority of it sifts through our fingers. We feel it, we chose to pick it up, and, for that brief moment, it was part of us. But, it sifts through our fingers. Love is very similar. We feel it, we choose it, and, for a brief moment, it becomes a part of us. When we look at our hands, our hands are filled with the dust, dirt and lasting impression of what was once there. Love does a very similar thing. When the moment of love has passed through us, it leaves that moment ingrained into our hearts, that we are loved. It left us with the feeling and identity of love.

Anyone, who has experienced love, true love, knows that the taste is not enough. When you meet someone who captivates you, it’s not enough to just know about their favorite color, or where they work. No, our hearts end up in a pursuit of the other person. In healthy relationships, when one person gives love, the other exchanges it. They pass the sand back and forth between each other, because, they know that what they’re experiencing is so profound and beautiful that they have to give it to the other person. What they have for the person, is no longer their own, but, it belongs to the other person. This is why pain exists. We instill a certain amount of love, trust and care for the other person, and, when they reject it back to us, they’re in fact ripping out a part of us that is so good, so beautiful. They’re ripping out the part of us, that wants to do good, to give away what is beautiful.

In life, these moments pass us by. Love comes and love goes. What is important, is that we develop the identity of love within us, so that when these moments pass by, we can reach back into those places, and, remember, and, re-experience that love. That way we are never short on it.


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