True Spirituality

One of my biggest desires in life is to be a father. And, while I don’t have the desire to have that achieved this moment (or even for a few years), I still reflect on it quite often. Last night, I began, oddly too I think, thinking about an analogy, but, eventually turned into a story about spirituality. I thought, I’d share that with you.


One day, after a 14 hour glorious massacre known as childbirth, Bill and Thelma, were sitting in the hospital bed looking into the eyes of their child. A handsome, immaculate, glowing child, we’ll call him…. Mike. When Thelma’s mom, Louise knocked on the door. In an exhausted frenzy, Thelma was excited to see her Mom.

Louise picked up the baby. She was infatuated with the baby’s eyes. She could see her daughters eyes in him. She loved to touch the baby’s fresh, smooth skin. She stared at his thick brown hair. She was just in deep concentration at the beauty of this child. Out loud she asked the question “How could this child be so beautiful?”

Just then, Bill’s brother Ted walked in. Ted looked into Louise’s eyes and said, “I think I can answer that question.”

“You see Louise, about 38 weeks ago. Thelma and Bill were enjoying a bottle of Merlot. Equally important, Thelma was in a time of the month where she was digging Bill’s vibes. Then, Bill worked all of Thelma’s lovely lady humps.”

Just then Bill proclaimed to his younger immature brother, “Dude.”

“Sorry. Well, after the child was conceived, slowly, the child began developing through a fetus. After 22 days, the heart begins to beat. At six weeks it begins developing the facial cavities that form the holes in which it begins eating and breathing.”

“Dude, we get it.”

“What man, I was just telling her why your baby was so beautiful.”

Slowly,  Bill and Louise entered back into their state of oneness with the child. Deep down inside, their lives were changed. They knew they were finally a family. Bill was connected deeper to Thelma because of Mike, and, so was Thelma to Bill. They enjoyed the silent periods in and out of visitors and pictures.



When I was thinking about this, I was thinking about my spiritual growth, as well as the universal spiritual growth process. I think spirituality, is about learning to see and hear (Matt. 13:15-16). In that seeing and hearing you begin to experience Truth. You begin to develop faith. The theological and philosophical answers, that we consumed in our child-like spirituality don’t really matter as much to us.

When we look at Louise, we enter into many of our first inclinations of God, of ourselves, of our own humanity. We come into contact with a sense driven faith. One that looks at appearances. It’s very objective based. She was able to appreciate Mike’s, physical attraction to her. She was enamored with the way things looked, the way things felt, maybe not with the way things smelled, but, her senses were driven in awe.

Ted, understood the same things. But, he knew for himself, that the sense driven understanding was not enough. So he began to appreciate the process of how the child is being born. He knew how a man and a woman, give birth to the child. He understood the development of anatomy, how the child is growing and developing within the mother. He was able to understand things, scientifically and developmentally.

Lastly, Bill and Thelma, knew the beauty of the child. They were their that night, Mike was conceived. They talked with the Doctors about the whole process and what was needed, but most importantly, they were there to experience it. What was objective to Louise and Ted, was subjective for them. They were able to experience their love for Mike on such a deeper level. They were there to experience the moment, and, the oneness with the child on such a deeper level.

When we move deeper into our own spirituality, it becomes less about facts, and, more about union. The spiritual life allows us to fall in love with subjects rather than objects. Anyone, who has truly loved another person knows they love that person, not the idea of them. The spiritual life allows us to enter into unity with ourselves (which often requires us to enter into the deepest and darkest places of ourselves), into unity with others (which often demands that we become loving, accepting and sacrificial people), and with God (in which we allow ourselves to Baptized from death to life, from our ways to his ways. In which, we slowly move towards what Jesus had, which was oneness with the Father (John 10:30). This to me, is how we move into deeper spirituality, we move into deeper knowing and understanding, not only because it makes sense in our head, but, it has been made complete in our hearts.



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