Future debate of Christianity/Humanity

It seems like for my whole lifetime, or at least, my whole conscious lifetime, we have  been arguing about whether or not Homosexuals should be able to get married. I turn 24 in March (email me for gift ideas), so my lifetime hasn’t been to long, however, I have seen James Dobson and Tony Campolo battle each other religiously and politically about whether or not Gay Marriage is okay. I have seen Chuck Colson and someone like Tony Jones talk about whether or not it is sinful, or natural to be gay……

I’m not interested in this debate….

What I am interested in is this….

Within my lifetime we will have robots (I believe). Within my lifetime, some laboratory will understand how my thought process works, how my emotions work, how spirituality effects my body, my mind. And, they will probably be able to put this on a flash drive (or the technological device of that time), and, be able to plug this into a robot. Thus, a new debate begins. What does it means to be human?

Is a clone human?

Is a robot with my personality hard drive as human as I am?

Can a Christian marry a robot or clone? Even more, will they marry a clone or robot of the same sex?

Can a robot go to Church? Can a clone go to work, even though they weren’t made by the natural process of God? Or, is this new scientific revolution the new process of God?

What does it mean to be human?


One thought on “Future debate of Christianity/Humanity

  1. Ron Amundson says:

    Its a fascinating thing to consider… I have no doubt that AI(artificial intelligence) will make huge inroads in emulating human thinking and emotions. Mechanical developments over time will also have major developments in the arena of emulating the human body as well, case in point Honda’s Asimo.

    As such, mind and body emulation doesn’t sound all that far off…but technology will crash and burn when it comes to soul emulation.

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