Fatherless Generation

The cult classic movie Fight Club holds some of the most chilling truths that a movie can offer. One of the most chilling lines in this movie was “We’re a generation of men raised by women. I’m wondering if another woman is really the answer we need.”

When I think about this line, I remember a few statistics

60+% of African-Americans grow up without a father.

63% of suicidal teens grow up without a father.

90% of teen runaways come from fatherless homes.

80% of rapists grew up without a father.

71% of high school dropouts grew up without fathers.

80% of people in prison had fatherless homes.

The statistics don’t really lie. The benefits of fathers are endless. It has been shown that when an emotionally present father is present in the home, children are more likely to be empathetic, caring, and self-controlled people. Boys and Girls need a father to show how to love and be loved.

Sociologists say that growing up in a home who is abusive or emotionally absent is worse for the child because of the daily and continual rejection of what the child needs. These kids often fight greater bouts of low self-esteem and try to receive this affirmation from other places.

The next generation simply cannot continue this pattern. We need to be a generation of men who are willing to be present with our children. Who are willing to weep when we are hurt. Who are willing to admit how and why we are wrong. We need to affirm the best parts of children, and, be present and helpful to the worst parts. We need to let our kids be themselves and not expect them to meet our failed ambitions or desires. We need to show them how to love a wife. We need to show them how to serve and to be served. We need to show them how to love and be loved. There are many more what we need to do.

I don’t think its ironic that God wanted us to call him our father. I think God sees the endless value of this relationship. In Hebrews 12, it talks about how a father disciplines his child, and, how much of a good thing that is. But, how much more value is our father in heaven’s discipline even better? This produces holiness and peace. The Lord’s Prayer that this name for God, Father, Abba, is a very holy name. Being a Father is something God takes very seriously.

Fatherhood is very serious. You’re nurturing life that was born from you. They’re a part of you. They carry your image. We should not neglect the things we create. God is present and active in his creation, I think that God would want the same for us.

This blog was spurred on by a song I was listening to tonight called the Widow by a band called As Cities Burn-


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