Mennomight Blog #2

Deep within the heart of Mennonite foundation, is the belief that we are called to non-violence. Deep within the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon On The Mount, is the call to be peacemakers.

As people who are attempting to be peacemakers, what does it mean to make peace before violence ensues? What does it look like to be a peacemaker?


5 thoughts on “Mennomight Blog #2

  1. Nate Kittelson says:

    Ooh. Good questions. Its so easy in thought but hard for many of us in practice. First I feel you must have peace within yourself, peace only the love of Christ and complete trust in God can give you. At that point pulling a Neo and stopping bullets should be much easier. You can’t leave God’s love out of the peace equation in the face of war, and just throwing that love in the face of your enemies can be the least peacful act of all. It must be tender heavenly love.

    • mfries05 says:

      Love these thoughts. I agree with you that because we are human beings, not, human doings, creating peace must come from a place of peace, otherwise, we are creating things are a part of who we are. We can only give away what we have.

  2. Phil Wood says:

    Sometimes I think pacifists fall into the trap of waiting for events that trigger nonviolence. That’s the strength of the Hauerwas emphasis on character. I’ve blogged about peace a lot these past three years:

    I think peacemaking is primarily about being and not doing. We reconcile because it is God’s nature and has become ours. Shalom, phil

    • mfries05 says:

      Amazing thoughts Phil. I like to think of violence as Parker Palmer puts it “people become violent when people no longer know what to do with their suffering”. So, peacemaking is about preemptive action. It is creating peace and loving those in suffering before they resort to violence. Excited to read your blog.

  3. to me it’s being a peacemaker with no excuses. I’ve found myself in cross walks where the car doesn’t slow enough for my liking for my daughter and I burning in anger and in my mind imagining me beating the crap out of them. Or I imagine if someone is robbing my house me beating them with whatever I can find. But there are no excuses.

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