The impossibility within love

If it is true that God is love, then it must be equally true that it is incoherent within the nature of who God is, to not love. This is one of the foundations that I live my life by. God is love. He is the source of love within the world. This is the foundation, to which life has and gives its meaning. Deeply embedded within who we are as people is that need to be loved and love others.

Likewise, it is impossible to give away something that doesn’t exist. It is impossible for a person who does not love themselves to love others. This is why it is foundational to the message of Jesus, that we love the Lord, but, then equally, we love our neighbors as ourselves. Without the love of self, we cannot love our neighbors. Without loving my neighbors, I cannot love God. This is why we need to love ourselves. This is why redeeming the human ego and soul is so important. This is why it is equally important to be loved, as it is to love. When we are able to receive love, we are able to give love. When we are able to receive God, we are able to receive love. When we are unable to receive love it creates the impossibility to love others.

The two greatest teachers in my life are the mentally handicapped guys I get to serve each day and my dog Riley. What is profoundly true of all of them, is their capacity to love. Somewhere along the way, I became a conditional human. I loved only those who loved me. Whereas, the guys at my house and my dog, love everyone (except my dog with the Schwanns man), all the time. They’re so filled with love, it seems that it is impossible for them not to love. Truly great lovers risk being hurt because they love so much, it is impossible for them to withhold love. They’re so in tune with the heart of God, who cannot withhold love from us, that they themselves cannot hold from others. Soren Kierkegaard points out that love doesn’t belong to the beholder of love but to the object of their love. It is the radical self-emptying love that we see so beautifully in Jesus on the cross. For lovers, the impossibility doesn’t exist within if they can love, it exists within if they cannot love.

Lovers are people who are radically changing all the time. Love is a seductive desire, where once we taste it, we only want more of it. Therefore, lovers do painful things to create more love. They destroy things that destroy love. They fight life destroying systems, and, they love those who have no love. They go to the parts of themselves that are empty and broken. For if it is true, that Love covers a multitude of sins (1 Peter 4:8), then they face their sin and brokenness head on, because, Love is greater than death. Love creates life. Lovers are people who find it impossible to not change. They want to be better and make the world around them better.

Love has inherent impossibilities within it to create possibilities for themselves and others. The love of life and the love of others is what makes life worth living. It is the life force that allows to experience hope in all things. Love is what gives us the faith to make leaps that we don’t understand.  Without love, everything is meaningless. With love, we can move mountains and change a struggling world.


3 thoughts on “The impossibility within love

  1. Kathy says:


    Great thought provoking post. I too work with others who are challenged by autism and other disorders. Their capacity for love often seems so much less tainted and as you say conditional than those of us more fortunate. It’s so easy to learn from those who expect so little isn’t it?

    • mfries05 says:

      Great thoughts Kathy,
      It is easier to learn from others who don’t need anything from you, because, they don’t need anything from us. I think the job out of all great leaders is to put themselves out of a job. For the teacher to make the student as great as he, for the needy to receive from the giver and no longer need the giver. For the psychologist to help the patient receive enough healing so that they no longer need them.

  2. thejefkins says:

    The concept of love is so profound. Love itself is profound…but even thinking about it usually blows my mind. You wrote it down well! It’s so true and so life-changing! Thanks for that!

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