A great reminder from The Big Bang Theory

Every now and then we get someone in our lives as repulsive as Sheldon. Someone who believes they’re right, when they intellectually, they probably are. Yet, the very sound of their voice, the very sense of their presence draws us into retreat, self-destruction or we want to kill them.

In my freshman year of college, I was reading the A New Kind of Christian trilogy by Brian McLaren. Unaware of who he was, I began receiving unwarranted animosity from classmates and professors from my school. I found this series to be a delight for where I was in. I was a point of asking myself bigger questions about discipleship (this came about after reading The Cost of Discipleship by Bonhoeffer the summer before), questions about Evangelism (after growing out of street evangelism and trying to scare people into faith) and problems I was having with my interpretation of the Bible. It was accommodating for someone to put into fiction what I was living.

The trouble was, I had a few Sheldon’s on my floor and in my classes. People who were there to point out that I was “wrong”, that they were “right” and doing so, in a way that was both unappealing and frustrating. I believe that it is an unhealthy ego that needs to be right, that converts people into religion or drives them away from the idea of God altogether. And, it is the love of Christians, who may have been right or wrong, that has brought me into a deeper place of community with not only them, but, with God.

When our need to be right, or our ability to promote our own self-knowledge gets in the way of us loving others with perfect acceptance, then we as Christians have lost. There are people out there who have the intelligence to move mountains, but, without love, its all meaningless.


2 thoughts on “A great reminder from The Big Bang Theory

  1. Lem Usita says:

    So what you’re saying is that you learned how to think while you were at that school?
    Great insight my friend on being right. It’s a value for Christians though. If we have all the right answers, then we somehow have achieved. It’s crazy how right answers make us more arrogant – but it’s not what we’re called to isn’t it.
    Anyway, Sheldon needs love too man, and you need to be smart enough and secure enough in who you are in order for him to listen to you. As much as Sheldon would be a waste of time, Jesus loves him too – and he wants to do that through me.
    Thanks for the post Mike.

  2. ego and power are bigger killers of spirituality than porn and alcohol.

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