Spirituality and Personality

If God loves and accepts me as I am, as well as God knows who I am and what I need, plus the fact that God is transcendent, then God exceeds somethings that don’t make sense to us. He is within us and around us, but, he is also above us. God also knows me, better than I know myself. So he knows how my brain thinks and how my emotions feel. He knows how I experience reality. God is so intimately connected with me, that he will communicate with me and transform me, only as he can.

A little lesson on me and my personality to give you a brief glimpse into me (even though this doesn’t define me perfectly):

Meyers-Briggs- INFP

Colors Personality- Main Color- Blue, Secondary- Tie between Green & Orange

DISC- High I, Low S

My Strengthsfinders- Empathetic, Futuristic, Learner and Positivity

Enneagram- 9 (The Peacemaker), 4 (The Individualist)

If any of you have taken these tests, and, understand them, the first thing you should recognize within them is that I am one messy identity mess. My personality test infer that I am a caring, positive, peace-driven leader, but, prefers to spend most of his time alone and learn. My hope is, is that your personality isn’t as divided as mine, even if I have come to love my own.

What we should understand about each other, is that we all learn differently, we all feel differently, we all think differently, we all perceive differently and therefore, how we communicate with ourselves and each other is different. But, as well, how God communicates and what God communicated to each of us will also be different because of our own uniqueness. I think this is why the Church is so important. The wisdom of one believer, may not speak to another believer, but, its part of the pie of the God who transcends all of our understanding. The interpretation of another, may not speak to me, or transform me, but, it is a piece of this God. The experience of one, may not change how I experience life, but, it may for someone else.

We are all in different places because of our age, experiences, and, in a larger part because of our personality. How God speaks to us and what God speaks to us, may and probably will differ, but, the God who is in tune with each of us and understands, and, created our unique differences, blesses this so we can give this to others. This doesn’t mean that everything is relative, but, it does mean that God works on each stage of life, within each person to reveal to us something new, something that we don’t understand because God is not completely unveiled (which is a major theme in the New Testament).

So just because we don’t know it, or haven’t experienced it, we don’t have to dismiss it. God is working together all things for good, and, trying to develop reconciled individuals and reconciled communities for his second return.


6 thoughts on “Spirituality and Personality

  1. Emily says:

    We’re cut from the same cloth I think. I’m ENFP (E is kinda borderline) and Blue. (I’m also green and orange after that.)

  2. Chris Snyder says:

    Great post! I never really thought about personality as it relates to God. I know He made my personality, but I guess I just never thought about how that reflects how I relate to Him. Thanks for the food for thought.

  3. Becca (stairstotheroof) says:

    Great post!
    This is something I’ve been learning lately, too.
    Sometimes when I share with my small group, I feel like I am met with blank stares and then I wonder if I’m just crazy for seeing things the way I do. I’m learning that we may just be at different places and have different experiences. I have to remind myself to seek first to understand and to be comfortable with being understood instead of keeping things to myself, because you’re right – it may not speak to everyone but it could speak to someone who needs to hear what I have to say… And I am so thankful for others who do the same.

  4. Nicky says:

    Mike, your posts are really speaking to me at the moment. Love them, thank you. Nics

  5. Nice Post!! You have written such a nice post cant hold myself to write a comment for you, that it was really a Good One… Keep writing!! God Bless You.

  6. ~ calista ~ says:

    I just took this test yesterday. I’m an ISTJ, which means I think a lot. However, I was rather heavy on the introverted side, but I don’t think I’m as introverted as the test made me seem. I like being around people, but I do need time alone to decompress after being in a large crowd. I sort of have to gear myself up mentally when I go to a large city, concert, or some thing similar.

    I’m pretty much an identity mess too :-}

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