Blue Like Jazz Movie


What are your initial thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Blue Like Jazz Movie

  1. Kurt Willems says:

    I’ll watch it! Maybe they will make us evangelical outcasts look a bit more normal 🙂

  2. I’m really looking forward to seeing the film. But sadly I think a lot of evangelicals aren’t ready for Miller’s honesty about Christianity and Christians in general. I have a feeling that Jesus would be a lot more likely to hang with the intellectual atheists that Miller writes about than say… most so called “christians”.

  3. Matthew says:

    Wow. I was totally ready to make fun of this before I watched the trailer. Now I’m actually excited to go see it!

  4. britneywitt says:

    While I do not expect the movie to be as amazing as the book (as is typically the case), I do look forward to re-reading his book and seeing it come to life. I love Donald Miller’s humor in his books, so I’m interested to see if the movie can make me laugh out loud like his books do.

  5. Don has done a lot to help Millennial Christians to find a voice post-Religious Right. For that, I give thanks.

    Though he is in no way responsible, his writing and ministry initiated a firestorm of self-promoting, selfish, whiny, and elitist evangelical writers, preachers, and pew complainers and critics.

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