Is Barack Obama’s Fate In My Generations Hands?

I am from the great state of Minnesota. We are famous for several things: 1. We have more lakes that Lindsay Lohan has court appearances. 2. We have a pattern of developing really mediocre sports teams. Our state’s professional teams haven’t won a championship since the Kirby Puckett glory days. 3. Josh Hartnett and Sean William Scott were born here. 4. We elect famous people as our politicians.

When I was in 7th grade I watched the Governors race in my social studies class. The two main candidates that year were Skip Humphrey (Democrat) and Norm Coleman (Republican). And, as the third minority party we had former Pro-Wrestler and really bad actor Jesse Ventura as the dark horse third-party. Jesse Ventura. Ventura ran his whole third-party on getting young voters to get out and vote for him. He mocked the other candidates and  won over a few people but won the majority of his election through the 18-35 year old crowd. Ventura was a total rock-star, as his David Letterman antics and WWE Guest Refereeing indicated during his one term as Governor.

Studies and consensus belief is that it is not cool to be a young republican. In a generation that doesn’t perceive Republicans well (well over 60% of 18-29 year old’s voted for Obama in the last election) and in a race where Obama’s approval rating is almost equal with his disapproval, his GQ covers and buddying up with Lebron and D-Wade may actually be his ticket to re-election. My generation for the most part loves Barack Obama and if he can convince more than 23% of young adults to vote (what happened in last election), then even if is his approval rating drops still, his rock-star status with my generation might be his ticket. But, if his approval rating drops, or if a Republican candidate can sway some over of the youth vote their way, then this might be an extremely tight election.

The way I see it, is that if young people show up to vote for Obama like they did Ventura (not comparing their politics) then Obama will greatly benefit. But, if they continue to not show up, or a Republican candidate can sway some of the youth vote, then it will be a tight race. I believe that my generation is the key to the next election. I can’t see Obama losing my generation unless he pulls a Wiener-gate on us. But, if the GOP presents a strong candidate and appeals to my generation, it’s going to be a struggle for Barack. Its going to be an interesting election, especially considering the polarization of our society and the state of the world right now.

Do you think Barack will retain his Presidency?

Do you think there is a GOP candidate that can persuade my generation or overtake Obama in consensus approval?

How do you think the election will turn out?


(For the record, I am not interested in Political persuasion. But, interested in the life of my generation.)


2 thoughts on “Is Barack Obama’s Fate In My Generations Hands?

  1. Todd Ewing says:

    What Mike is writing a political article?… Had to look out the window to see if pigs are flying around. Joking aside, personally I do not like most of the Republican candidates that are running right now.
    Mitt Romney has the lead in polls right now, he does have the speaking skills and that smooth politician look that will help him against Obama. He is a fan of the universal healthcare system, and that will divide a lot of the more conservative people in the GOP (me ;P). While Bachmann has a very good voting record (according to me), and I will put Palin in this same boat where they come across as extremists, talk too much, and have been through the media ringer too much. Now, our boy T Pawl comes to mind. Very nice guy, good relational skills but lacking a backbone and that special something you need to stand out in a crowd. You need a sense of tenacity and boldness to become president and I don’t see that in him. Newt has been in the system too long, a career politician won’t stand a chance. Rick Santorum and and Herman Cain have not built enough street cred to run. Very few people knew who they were or if they did they don’t know much of their accomplishments. Honestly, the only candidate I like is Ron Paul. The thing that Ron Paul has is that he is not a rubber stamp for the RNC (probably why he wont get nominated), He tends to pull more toward libertarian which is becoming a huge trend in especially our generation and independents that are sick of the traditional 2 party squabble, and he does not change his beliefs to try to win an election (cough…McCain…cough). The only, downside to Ron Paul is his age. Although he is pulling the younger crowd quite well, there are a lot of people that favor younger candidates thinking that it means they are more innocent from the corruption that comes with politics.

    I wish Rand Paul would’ve ran. Mostly similar beliefs to his father and young. Even a Bobby Jindal would be a good one. An up and coming star could give a RNC a fresher look and remove the “same old, same old” political look. Time will tell I guess

  2. Jrock says:

    Obama will clinch it once again! He has not done that bad considering the fact that the world economy is in turmoil! He will sort it out.,,,non of the republican candidate stands out, Sarah parin is a chatterbox and very annoying, Romney failed last year and he was nott nominated(He is a bottler)

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