2 thoughts on “Fundamentalists

  1. love the contrast of the video i just watched you posted – from a brillant bishop who speaks like he’s got 4 PhDs to the guy who looks like he just woke up on a bed of hay. Great video – I get why so many Christians are uncomfortable with homosexuals and how they don’t know how to have them in their midst but I love how Shane talks about giving them space to work out who they are with grace.

  2. Uh…. I’m sorry ~ this is just sooooo so wrong ~ who IS this kid?

    The need for an ‘organized’ religion is the bane of civilization. He could have gotten to this point much sooner WITHOUT that influence.

    “Holier Than Thou” otherness “some of the best people I KNOW are >>>>fill in the blank<<<<< is still that PaxAmericana Calvinist 'exceptionalism' based on race/otherness ~ I find this whole concept of religion in the U.S. right now very disturbing.

    This is NOT U.S. ~ this is a SECULAR country that christians are ALLOWED freedom within. And THEIR freedom of expression ends at MY ears. They WILL be responded to and that is what they will not tolerate.

    "My way or the highway ~ everybody MUST convert" ~ Sorry ~ that's the secular view of the #JesusIsAllTheWorldToMe crowd. I feel pity for people who feel the need to grow into adulthood but are confronted with the only vehicle in their selected societal group. Very sad.

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