Why The Bible is Worldly….

The Bible is a “worldly” book in the sense that it sees God at the very center of man’s life, his work, his relations with his fellow man, his play and his joy. On the contrary, it is characteristic of the idols that they are objectified and set up on the periphery of life. It is the idols who dominate specific areas from life from outside it, because they are in fact projections of man’s fragmented desires and aspirations. It is the idols that man goes out to meet when he reaches his own limit, and they are called in to supplement his strength and his ingenuity when these run out. God is never shown by the Bible merely as a supplement of man’s power and intelligence, but as its very ground and reality.

– Thomas Merton (Choosing To Love The World)


2 thoughts on “Why The Bible is Worldly….

  1. Yeah, that pretty much ROCKS! Nothing like a good cross between a Friesen & a Puritan! Good stuff Mike! Blessing, god reminder too.

  2. An interesting quote from Merton. What too many of us “Christians” refer to as “God” is not much more than an idol.

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