Holding Jesus over the Bible


6 thoughts on “Holding Jesus over the Bible

  1. Pat Pope says:


  2. Pat Pope says:

    Very sad perception of the person he described thinking eternity will be a Bible study. They just don’t get it. And to think this person is still concerned about “getting it right”. Just goes to show how attached we are to the earth; how utterly worldly we are. We just expect heaven to be a continuation of whatever we like here.

  3. Absolutely! Jeus is the Word of God, not the Bible. The Protestant Church has fallen over the last 600 years into bibliolatry.

  4. Gavin P says:

    Personally the Bible is a book (scripture) telling a story of a people finding God. Many people are following the bible to fit their needs, meaning if they disagree with something (homosexuals) they will quote quote quote! Then you immediately ask them about ‘spare the rod spoil the child’ and they fumble with their words. I read the bible with three things in mind: Historical (sometimes) Metaphorical (often) and spiritual (all the time); a history of a people trying to figure out what god is/is not and telling the story the best way they could.

    Jesus on the other hand showed us how to live…

  5. Lee says:

    I have been taught all my life in the same vein because it’s more about having church than having relationship. That is why the Church age must end and the Kingdom age begin (outside the walls of the establishment). I found Him anew 12 years ago though being saved all my life. We must and will enter a inner court experience with Him that is likened unto marriage and the marriage bed. However there is a great cost we must and will pay initially. “Your enemies will be those of your own house”…
    It is sooo worth it!!

  6. The recognition that the gospel testimony of Jesus is the hermeneutic for the rest of scripture and the whole of life is in my view the essential character of radical Christianity. So its not just a question of holding Jesus over the scripture but interpreting the scripture in terms of him.

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