Burning in Hell?


3 thoughts on “Burning in Hell?

  1. brentbarger says:

    Excellent approach. I always appreciate Boyd.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Mike. I had heard people mention Boyd, but hadn’t actually heard his thoughts, which are very similar to mine on this topic. What he called “spiritual euthanasia” is what I call the “death penalty for the soul”.

    • I also like what Greg said about this thought being “freeing”. For those that have a hard time reconciling God’s love with “eternal conscious torment” of the unsaved, coming to the conclusion that God may allow the lost souls to “die” makes more sense. Knowing that there are other Christians that believe this to be true as well is freeing for me — I’ve thought along these lines for 25 years, but was afraid to let most people know because I didn’t want to be branded a “heretic”.

      Again, thanks for posting the link.

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