Building A Better Life: Being A Genius In The World

When we come in contact with the Holy Spirit, we come in contact with the very value of life. If the Holy Spirit is the one who causes rebirth, renewal and was the one breathing life into people, then our relationship with is the life force in us. Part of the living with the Holy Spirit is communing with the creative energy that it gives us. One of the strongest indicators of someone who is living in the presence of God for me is someone who is participating in some form of creativity. Creativity shouldn’t be defined solely as music, writing and art (don’t give that to people like me). Some of the most creative people I have met are event planners, real estate agents and physical trainers. One should describe creativity as what stirs that life force within you. For when life is present, we can bet that the Holy Spirit is at work. Things like sex, exercise and relationships are extremely creative. The way that we participate in the creative spirit gives us the voice, the message and the backbone to our life. It will define our role in the World.

In his book The War of Art, Steven Pressfield discusses how the person not participating in their art is doing a disservice to themselves, to others and to God. If what you are passionate about is working with mentally handicapped people and you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, then you are doing a disservice to the world. Your life is not about life. Your life is about participating in the lifeless consumerism, which is death. While you roll in the Benjamin, your soul is dying from the inside out. Every person has a unique calling, a unique passion in their life. If we get in the way of our calling, not only do we destroy ourselves but we get in the way of someone who is called to that very thing.

The beauty of our gifts is that God is dispersing them to edify the community of God and the communities of the world. Paul writes about this in 1st Corinthians 12, where he talks about each part of the body serving a beautiful purpose. The most beautiful people I have ever met are the people who live life happily and serve well in lowly positions. My mom was a beautiful example of this. For years, she brought bagels to Church. There are those people who can organize all of the unnoticed work in things, they are truly the backbone of everything. Sometimes, I live in envy of their happiness and simplicity, because my mind can’t operate on that level. My mind, filled with all of it’s ADD and idealistic visions, can’t handle the small details of life. I struggle to get work done. I see 20 miles down the road but can’t tie my own shoes. This is why I need people like my Mom. In where she is, in what she does, she is a genius.

In his book Linchpin, Seth Godin describes the Genius in all of us. He says the Linchpin is a person is the indispensable person in the world. The person is the person who has a work ethic above the rest of their peers. They’re the person who has perspective and vision over the people who have learned how to just follow the rules and instructions. A good friend of mine Scott Hackman is one of these people. He is an architect of building communities, networking with others and sharing stories. The world would not exist without people like Scott.

The Linchpin is the job of all Christians. We are called to the creative work of our life. We are all wired with different passions, skills and desires. To participate in the creative work of the Spirit, is to be and do the very things that makes us most alive. The beautiful thing about God is that God doesn’t need us. God is all-powerful and can do what God wants. But, God is a God of love and life and desires that for us. The Linchpin is what God calls us to be. Filled with the creative and visionary work that the world needs from us.


One thought on “Building A Better Life: Being A Genius In The World

  1. This is the kindest most generous compliment I have ever received online, and it quite possibly the most affirming comment in a year of personal/vocational development. We are living out of passion, vision, and an “ethic” that can only come from a deep longing to be with others for the sake of the global/local community of good. There is a capacity with in each of us to participate in what God is doing to bring about reconciliation/transformation. However, we function with in our own limitations of the extension we have created. For example, our jobs, homes and relationships. The truth is I long to be surrounded by people like you, Mike, people who understand how to connect, converse and collaborate for mutual benefit.

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