Christians United Against Bad Christian Movies

A while back I did a Christians United Against Bad Christian Music ( and recently I had a conversation about how bad Christian movies are. Yesterday, at the Bible study I go to, I realized, looked exactly like the kid from McGee and Me. So if you have a favorite or most hated bad Christian movie, feel free to post  below.



15 thoughts on “Christians United Against Bad Christian Movies

  1. jonstolpe says:

    Honestly, I liked Facing the Giants. I’m just saying.

  2. frenchrangoon says:

    I am actually in a class right now (I mean RIGHT now, lol) called ‘Hebrew Bible goes to the Movies’. It’s super great actually. I know they aren’t ‘christian’ films, as they are all set before Christ – obviously still a huge part of our heritage. The worst film we’ve watched so far was a gem from the Hallmark channel called ‘Noah’s Ark’…. where Moses and Lot are best friends. Truly terrible.

  3. Michael J. Teston says:

    I have refused to watch anything connected to the huckster peddling “Left Behind.” And Facing the Giants is an absolute embarrassment to being a follower of Christ.

  4. jeffreywroop says:

    Bad theology can make for bad movies.

  5. JoJo says:

    I actually own “Faith Like Potatoes”… I was curious about it and buying it was the only way to see if the film was any good. I’ve seen it twice. And the reason why it comes to mind now is that it is, emotional highs aside, a bad movie. I have praised it in the past. But I must admit that I have to give it a lot of leeway- “It’s pretty good for a *Christian* movie”- if I want to compliment it.

    The problem is, I don’t think it had to be that way. It could have been quite entertaining and even truly inspiring, considering the source material. But many faith-based movies seem afraid to go beyond the peaceful-and-gentle formula that seeks to soothe the viewer and not much else.

    There’s nothing wrong with the peaceful-and-gentle formula; the inspirational-film market just kind of overdoes it.

    It sounds funny for me to say that with the clip from “Left Behind” up there… but the “show how terrible it is not to be a Christian” genre has its own purposes. XP

  6. Michelle Bower says:

    One I’m really hoping isn’t a bad Christian movie is the soon-to-be-released Blue Like Jazz: the Movie. I’ve seen the trailer, and I’m hopeful (plus, I’m in it!). 🙂

  7. Lin says:

    I wanted to die while watching ‘Fireproof’…decent message or not, it was a terrible movie.

  8. Dave Howarth says:

    I usually try to avoid “christian” movies on principle. A couple of years ago I somehow got sucked into watching Fireproof and it only continued to validate my thoughts. While the premise was decent, it was so overacted that I couldn’t relate or even pretend to be in the husbands shoes… I’m hoping that like Christian Rock, the movie scene will someday be on par with Hollywood

  9. Scott says:

    The Event. Stilted acting, silly plot, stupid ending. It was so bad I swear I watched it through my laced fingers with my hands covering my face. An absolute embarassment.

  10. Is it bad that i quite enjoyed the second video?!

  11. Lori McClure says:

    Just found your site, and I’m with you. Have you seen the trailer for the new one coming out? You won’t believe it. I promise.

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