Reasons To Be A Christian

The double-mindedness of life consumes all of us. We say we want something, yet we really want the something behind the something. Yet, I know this; In failing to receive what one desires, the pain of the failure to receive that desire, breeds for a new desire, a better desire. A man who desires sex and gets into a relationship for sex, is bound to have a very limited shelf-life with that relationship. You burn through women so fast that you end up alone, craving love, craving connection, craving intimacy. Human beings enter double mindedness every day. We are in radical need of deconstruction extremely often because we make idols quicker than they are born. Yet, once we burn through our idol’s, we come back to the very thing that we want to worship: God.

God is the only reason to be a Christian. God is Truth. God is the Truth that sets us free. God is the liberator. God is the healer. God is both divine and yet he became a human. This is how we came to know God. To fall in love with God, for a Christian, means to fall in love with the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is, as Jurgen Moltmann so wonderfully puts it, “The Leader of Life”. Jesus is the cup of life. Jesus Christ is the image of the new Adam, the one who was supposed to show us what it meant to be human. Jesus is the messiah. Yet, Christians have missed out on the messianic blessing. We believe that Christ stopped when he ascended into heaven. The Jewish people have it much more right than we do. They believe their messiah is still coming. We have forgotten this. Every act of human history carries messianic energy. The Old Testament screams for the arrival of Jesus. Since Jesus, human history is screaming the arrival of our one day coming king. This is the hope for our life.

Fortunately, when Jesus ascended into heaven, we received the director, the navigator, the comforter. We received the Holy Spirit. The work of the Holy Spirit has been directing us back to the coming of Jesus. This is why the presence of God can be so real in this life. If you’ve ever met a Christian who is so full of life, it is because they are full of just that, life. Their life is permeated with a sense of hope, peace, love. They know the renewal, the rebirth, the healing powers of the resurrection. Their life has been deconstructed away from idols and they have found their way back into union with God. This persons life carries immense purpose because it no longer lives in themselves, the spirit is working through them for life. It is no longer them who lives in them, but the spirit of Christ who does. Because they have found a rebirth into life, they can say what Jesus did “I am about my fathers business.”

The business of live is where God’s work is to be done. As Paula D’Arcy poetically states “God comes to you in the shape of your life.” Every moment, of every day is meant to carry out the mission which God gave to Abraham, bless others because you have been blessed. When we are so full of life, it becomes a near impossibility to not do this. Our very existence cannot contain the life that is in us, so it just pours out of us. This is the work of Christians. We must know God intimately, so we can have the source of hope, healing and direction to work towards the reconciliation of all things. This is, to me, the heart of the Gospel. The Gospel that transforms me, the Gospel that pours itself out of me. It is no longer just Good News, we as Christians, who follow Christ, become the Good News. This is the reason to be a Christian.


One thought on “Reasons To Be A Christian

  1. Pat Pope says:

    “God comes to you in the shape of your life.”

    I love that.

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