What Gives Me Hope….

Tuesday through Friday mornings, I wake up at a group home around 5am. I spend an hour in prayer. I pray for my friends. I pray for my family. I pray that I might be a source of light in the world that day. I spend about 10 minutes talking, and around 50 minutes listening. In that time of prayer, I am refreshed by the reality that God is good, that God is with us, and because of that, every thing is going to be okay. I am awakened most mornings by the fact that it’s really good to be alive. Even in the midst of my own hardships, and watching others’ struggles, I am reminded that God is working together things for good, and he is reclaiming all things to himself.

At the end of my hour, I walk outside my room that I sleep in, and I wake up to four mentally handicapped men who incarnate the beauty and life of Jesus to me in a way that no one else can. The two hours that I spend with them, I am re-awakened to the fact that life is beautiful, that human beings are beautiful. This breaks my heart because we have to do the work to destroy that beauty. The beauty of prayer, the beauty of these four men, reminds me that life is truly beautiful. When I leave work, it pours out of me and I want to write about the beauty that I experienced, I want to relate with that sense of beauty. To be able to give the life that has been given to me, is what gives me hope.

I hope, that you find hope. I hope you can live, the life that has been given to you. If there is anything else I do in this life, I hope I can continue spreading this.


One thought on “What Gives Me Hope….

  1. Mike, this is a very good post. Life in a group home isn’t always easy, but is usually rewarding.

    I, too, live in a group home, albeit my group differs from yours in that my guys are all ex-convict addicts in recovery. I count it a blessing to be able to share life with these men. We strive for authentic community. Sometimes we even attain it.

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