Are We Really Loving Others?

The life we have, is the life we give.
What kind of people are we when we life hectic, and frantic lives?
What kind of people are we when we are exhausted, anxious, and angry?
What kind of people are we when we judgmental, arrogant, and ignorant?
Is this really what we want to give others?
Are we living a life that we would want to inherit to others?


4 thoughts on “Are We Really Loving Others?

  1. Most of us live hurried lives because we’re motivated by fear most of the time. Perfect love casts out fear. When we are able to exercise our love motivation, at least most of the time, we are more able to give to others.

    Coach Theresa

  2. This is kind of interesting but the other day I was just getting to work and someone at my job said something to me that really caught me off guard and almost brought me to tears. I could have totally balled and cried or said something but I chose to just go to God at that moment and not judge them, not get upset about the situation not upset about whatever. It made life a lot easier for me. Sometimes life means not saying anything when you really want to blurt out something in anger or frustration or whatever the reason.

    • Mike Friesen says:

      You are absolutely right. Your words affirm the words of St. Francis “Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.” Its a hard balance. Good for you for letting it go!

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