Divine Sorrow

Over the past month, I have spent quite a bit of time in grief. Having a friend die. Watching people around me grieve other deaths and sicknesses. There is something about this video that presents real hope, and real life. I have watched it over and over. I hope, that if you are in sorrow, that it comforts you.


3 thoughts on “Divine Sorrow

  1. Stephanie says:

    I appreciate NT Wright very much. I think you might enjoy his study on heaven, “Surprised by Hope”

  2. Something that occurred to me while he was talking is that I didn’t necessarily find comfort in his words because it lead me into my grief. However, the somehow both sad and wonderful thing about Christ is that the hope we have in him gives us permission to grieve. Instead of stuffing the pain in order to avoid it, we are able to confront it not with strength, but we weakness, knowing that he will hold us. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the video

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