What We Are Looking For?

In all of the beautiful blessings of medical advancement, technology, we’ve made a life that can easily be defined.

I don’t think we just want that.

The defined God, is not necessarily a good God.

The defined soul mate, is not always a good soul mate.

The defined friend, doesn’t make the best friend.

We want something to keep us rooted (defined) and something that leads us to something more (transcendent).

We really don’t want to suffer…. but without it we know the wound won’t heal.

We want love…. but we are afraid to fall into it.

We want to be in control…. yet we know we can’t alter things like love, hope, joy, peace and happiness.

We want to be in charge… yet we know we must surrender.

We want to be connected…  we must learn to surrender, to not be in control, to label, judge and condemn the things that are not us.  We must learn to suffer well. We must learn to fall.


One thought on “What We Are Looking For?

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