The Way To Wisdom

I once heard Richard Rohr say that wisdom is knowing what you know, and knowing what you don’t know.

Sometimes, after a short while of listening to somebody we can say, “this person is full of crap. They don’t have anything good to say.” And, I think this can be true. There are many people who have not wrestled with their answers, they have not asked better questions. They speak in terms of absolutes, which is always frightening because it takes only one exception, one valid point to break their entire argument. However, the wisest people I know look to find the gift in every encounter. They stop focusing on the negative, and look for the tiniest nugget of value in what this person is saying.

I hope we can be wise enough to remain open to that tiny nugget.


One thought on “The Way To Wisdom

  1. Eric says:

    Even if we can’t admit what we don’t know, it’s at least a first step to admit that there’s a limit to what we can know. For some people, that’s the hardest step.

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