The Great Spiritual Teaching Of Lil’ Wayne

In this video, we see a wonderful example of what happens to a person when they have been loved vs when they have not been loved. I believe that most people that find God in this life have had one person love them and then show them how to love. We cannot give away something that we do not possess, we cannot teach others things that we ourselves have not been taught. This is the mission of truly great parents, to love their kids as they are, not manipulate them into who they want them to be. For so many people, love has been tainted by their own broken experiences of trauma, abuse, manipulation, and control, that they become the products of those same things. To receive God, is to receive love. How can one receive God, when someone loving them causes them anxiety, fear, despair? This is the beauty of an open heart, which gives love and receives love unconditionally. It’s my hope that I become a person who gives love, and teaches love, so others can do the same.


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