The Great Spiritual Teaching of John Mayer

In this video we see the tragic circumstance of a guy (John Mayer) who is trying to love a woman, but can’t because of the way she was treated by her father. This is so often the truth of our lives.Fortunately and  unfortunately, we have all inherited the sins, the problems, the coping mechanisms, the pain, and the thought processes of our families, our friends, our society. This is the idea behind generational sins. None of us can escape life, without inheriting the problems previous to us. This is also true for the vast majority of Christian who believe in Original Sin. It’s the disease, the sickness, the sin, that we all inherit. This is the responsibility of every Christian, to leave the generations baggage behind us, and inherit a little less to the next one. This is why fathers need to be good to their daughters. To set the example of what she should desire in a man. To remind her of what she is worth. We’re all going to inherit something to the next generation of children, what will that be?


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