Good vs Evil: A 9/11 Reflection Pt. 3

After 9/11 we saw a great triumph in America. We saw a group of people who united and bonded. We saw firefighters going in to save people they didn’t need to save. We saw people all over the U.S give money to those in need. They collected donations for the families of the victims. We went to Church in the highest numbers in recent history. In our moments of vulnerability and fear, we gathered in numbers to comfort and console each other.

American History has been built around a society of ‘me’. We engage life with the mindset of my life, my liberty, and my happiness. I don’t believe everything happens for a reason. I believe everything happens with a reason. Sometimes, terrible things happen that are outside of our control. I do not believe God predestined 9/11, but I believe God used 9/11 to reveal himself to those who wanted to see him. I believe God used this wound to bond Americans together. God delights in few things more than when people live selflessly side-by-side one another. When we learn to put aside our differences, and learn to call our enemies friends. The weeks following 9/11, there were no republicans, no democrats. We learned to put aside our differences, for the best of each other.

When we feed those who needed to be fed, when we help up those, who can’t get off the ground, God is present. When we struggle in love with one another, God is present. When our natural ‘me’ is turned into a ‘we’, then we know God is at work. I hope it doesn’t take a global disaster for our collective ‘we’ to become a global one. Tribalism is one of the lowest levels of consciousness. But, we must take joy in the bonding, that America had around that moment.


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