Inspirational People (Thomas Merton)

I have a love affair with Thomas Merton. As someone who’s most natural growth happens in contemplation he has deeply helped me. Also, we share the 4 on the enneagram, which makes me relate to him in personality.


Have you read any of Merton’s books?

Have you been shaped by his thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Inspirational People (Thomas Merton)

  1. I enjoy Thomas Merton, his reflectionist lifestyle and his spiritual insight are certainly inspiring. However, as a reformed Christian, I have to be careful that I do not forget that he does not represent a complete picture of what we (reformed) see in the revelation of God. His presuppositions are much different then mine. I do have to wonder why reformers don’t hold Contemplative living in high regard and are usually caught up , and actually agents of the current world systems.

  2. drgwbrown says:

    ‘Make ready for the Christ
    Whose smile like lightning
    Sets free the song of everlasting glory
    That now rests in your paper flesh
    like dynamite.’


  3. Keishua says:

    Yes, I love him, too. I’ve read and reread his autobiography numerous times. His writing is beautiful and gets to the heart of the matter.

  4. Victoria says:

    About 20 years ago I somehow came into possession of a paperbook copy of The Sign of Jonas. I have no idea where it came from. It changed my life. To this day I keep a tattered copy of this book on my nightstand. I’ve worn out several copies, and given some away. I’ve read other books by Merton, including The Seeds of Contemplation, which I believe is an important book, but Jonas is the one that still inspires me.

    Reading Merton set me on a path to becoming the person in faith that I believe I was meant to be…still a work in progress. I owe him a great debt, for through his words I had a vision of who God might be.

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