Reality Check

Most Christians believe that God is omnipresent. That God is present in all places, at all times. The Greek word for Spirit is the word Pneuma. The word Pneuma means translated back into the biblical text is breath. The Bible teaches that God’s spirit, is as close as our breath. This was breath was the breath that he breathed in all people, which is why God is the source of life. If God is present in all places, at all times, then God is the ultimate form of reality.

Growing up attending Sunday School and Awana, I was taught this simple verse, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus.” It seems to me that if God is life, and the reality of life is always present, then we have to separate (sin) ourselves from reality. Life is painful, which is why we separate ourselves from it. Sometimes, the beauty and closeness of life is so good that we have to remove ourselves from it. I think to some extent, God has to allow us to be removed from him, because if were exposed full to God and reality, we’d die. Which is why he did not allow Moses to see him fully.

This is why it takes a level of narcissism to hold that we have the truth of reality. That life is as we see it, when in fact we have removed ourselves (some more than others) from reality, from God. This is our reality check. God is closer to us than we are to ourselves. God comes to us in the shape of our life, but are we present to life enough to see it? Are we living in reality? Are we present to God? Or have we removed ourselves into a false form of it?


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