Does Purgatory Exist?


3 thoughts on “Does Purgatory Exist?

  1. Purgatory is a figament of the human imagination.

  2. Karen says:

    I like his idea that purgatory is where we are now…

  3. Joshua says:

    Purgatory does exist if jesus has paid for our sins on d cros we must also work towards holines we cant say dat cos jesus paid 4 us we can do wat we want wen prayin pple ask 4 4rgivnes of sin which we comit knowingly &unknowingly so wat if we dont nn our remainin sins / sins we dont consida sin & we die does it mean we go 2 hel bcos we have a lovin fada he created a place were sins like dat r 4givn & if u dnt know not al sins take u 2 purgatory only venial sins mortal sins which has nt bin 4givn leads 2 hell straight

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