God Is Not A White Man


6 thoughts on “God Is Not A White Man

  1. We showed this video in our Sunday morning experience this past weekend. Was a hit and really allowed a great basis for a conversation about the churches role in Justice in this world.

  2. Love this. I’ll be showing my son this at dinner. This generations version of “Flying House” and “Superbook.” (Tell me I’m not the only one who watched those…)

  3. truly love this & have to share 🙂

  4. No Coincidences. Well-shared and well-timed. Thank you!

  5. so two years ago! anyway love this song and the video totally enhances it!

  6. The question isn’t is God love the real question is does God love everyone in the exact same way? I would suggest that God has different kinds of love for different people. I will be touching on this on my blog and hopefully it will spark some good discussion but until then I will hold off on critiquing this.

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