The Spiritual Teaching Of Breaking Bad

If you’re offended by swearing, I wouldn’t watch this.

This scene is the follow up to Walt’s (Bryan Cranston) business partner, Jesse Pinkman, being beat up by a drug distributor, so he could steal their high quality meth. After seeing how badly wounded Jesse was, Walt took matters into his own hands and met their drug distributor Tuco (the distributor in the video). What I love about this scene, is the creative energy that I so much see in the Gospels by Jesus. So much of our energy is caught into binary thinking. Most people would have gone and tried to kill Tuco (and end up dead themselves), or they would have cut their losses and walked away (thus letting evil prevail). Walt distributes a brilliant third way, which neither harms himself or the others, but also get’s what is rightfully his. This was the brilliance of Jesus. Jesus taught to walk the extra mile, to remove all of your clothes, to turn your other cheek. This creative energy exposes the evil (thus revealing the faulty systems of the world) and moves toward justice. This is the type of creative energy Christians are called to. The energy that moves not towards fight, or flight, but one that says, “I am not a victim, I will not stand for this, but I will not repay evil for evil.”


One thought on “The Spiritual Teaching Of Breaking Bad

  1. Pat Pope says:

    ‘Course he does kill in the end.

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