The Great Spiritual Act Of Robert Downey Jr.


13 thoughts on “The Great Spiritual Act Of Robert Downey Jr.

  1. You’re the best Mike! Thanks for putting this up!

  2. dave truitt says:

    Nice. RDJ just got bumped up a notch in my book.

  3. Todd Coleman says:

    Sinners make the best saints.

  4. Can I ask what made what Robert Downey Jr. do that was worthy of Christian applause? He said that Gibson, “hugged the catus long enough” but does mean he repented? As far as I am concerned this only proves that one sinner will stand up for another sinners tresspasses to make him look better. Call me crazy but I am pretty sure Jesus was not applauding that.

    • Christopher says:

      He extended grace and preached forgiveness. We applaud it for all, for you, and Jesus will applaud it time and time again!

    • V Taylor says:

      It doesn’t matter if he repented or not…only that we forgive. Jesus did that for everyone, most before they repented. And the applause was for Roberty Downey, Jr’s act, not for Mel Gibson’s.

    • It seems to me that hugging the cactus is exactly the repentance you deem necessary. But to forgive someone else does not require their repentance. Forgiveness is a gift. The condition you stipulate negates its being freely given. It becomes a bit of revenge even in that case. You stole something from me but I won’t forgive you (and so, you aren’t forgiven) until you are sorry (give some”thing” back).Gibson back into the community. That is what forgiveness is about in its essence. That’s the good news Jesus was preaching. The Kingdom of Heaven is like….this video.

      • I lost some of my comment there…

        There should be a break where I mention Gibson. Then leading up to that it should say:

        I am reminded of the story of the paralytic in Mark 2. There the paralytic is forgiven his sins without doing anything himself. It seems to actually happen because of his friends’ faith. But after being forgiven and being healed (which equal the same thing for that culture pretty much) the paralytic would be a full member of the community again. And this is the power of RDJ’s act. Of that event that took place. This welcomed Gibson back….

      • Hey Jordan,

        I understand where you are coming from, however the issue is what is forgiveness? It is one thing to say “let Mel back into Hollywood.” It’s another thing to say that he is right with God.

        Also notice what RDJ said Mel told him a while ago, “he told me not to give up hope and he urged me to find my faith, didn’t have to be his or anyone elses as long as it was rooted in forgiveness.” I am sorry but that is far from something that a Christ follower should be applauding. The only true forgiveness comes from Christ and nothing else. To say taht was RDJ did was “nice” or “note worthy” is fine but to attribute what he did to something Christians should emulate is not pleasing to God.

      • So…Mel wasn’t “really” forgiven there? That was “forgiveness” and we shouldn’t do anything like that because it does not please God? Why doesn’t it please God? It seems to be what God wants, actually. “‘How many times should I forgive my brother? Seven times?’ ‘I say to you seventy times seven times.'” To say that being right with God is all that matters, is to miss that that means nothing (materially/physically/really)for him in the community. And being forgiven by the community is even where God is shown to be at work. Where God is “seen”. There isn’t really a separation. Should we not go and do likewise? Christ, anyway, shows up in the hungry, the sick, and even Robert Downey Jr…

  5. Jeffrey says:

    I now have a whole new level of respect for RDJ. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Jesus forgives all of us. Jesus spent time with the drunkards, the prostitutes and the least of them all. Who are we to say that what RDJ said was not heartfelt? Who are we to say that Jesus did not applaud that? We are all sinners. None of us are worthy of God because of our sins. But Jesus forgave all of us. And through that forgiveness we should forgive others

  7. Umm, “Jesus forgave us all”? Is that really the case? Is every person going to live with God eternally? If Jesus forgave us then that must be the case. If you read my comment I said nothing about RDJ not being “heart felt”. The issue is that how can RDJ speak of forgiveness without even mentioning how forgiveness is given?

    We are all sinners but we are not all forgiven.

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