How Lupe Fiasco Can Help Us Be Better Believers

What I love about this song and video is it show’s the power of belief. What Lupe has done is take his own identity as an American, Muslim, and human being, and deconstructed them. If we are unable to step outside our own identity, our own groups, as Americans, whatever religious affiliation we belong to, and human beings, then we are bound to make our own human mistakes in dehumanizing others with them. Christianity has dehumanized countless amounts of people through violence, spiritual abuse, and not having a solid foundation for the life we claim. As Christians, we are seeking faith with understanding. This is why belief structures don’t work as a form of religious identity. Belief requires no faith. It is concerned with fact/fiction, either/or thinking. This is why beliefs are to be held loosely. Likewise, many people of faith continue practicing without understanding. They can’t put their experiences, their worldview into solid understanding. Their faith is one bad experience away from being destroyed. This is the importance of being able to deconstruct our faith. Before we can truly offer the Kingdom of God, and the Kingdom of the World any true, substantial benefits, we must tear down the lies before we can offer them the Truth. This is why Dallas Willard saying, Believe your beliefs, believe your doubts, doubt your beliefs, and doubt your doubts, is so important. We must learn to step outside of our identity and worldview, so we can enter back in with a better understanding of wholeness.


One thought on “How Lupe Fiasco Can Help Us Be Better Believers

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