Women In Ministry

I don’t hear this issue talked about as heavily as it used to be, but I still talk to women who feel oppressed by the Church. Since this is the case, I think that it should still be talked about. There are few people I respect as much as N.T Wright in the perspectives they hold, and I think he presents a powerful, and I believe truthful case for this issue.


6 thoughts on “Women In Ministry

  1. Eric says:

    It’s such an important issue. Granted, my wife is a pastor so I’m bias. She gets comments all the time like, “You did such a great job, for a lady!” So it’s a compliment… but not really. The weird part is that it’s mostly women who make these comments.

    Thanks for the video, Mike. Wright is always so refreshing.

  2. Felecia says:

    Do they feel oppressed? Or more like me … disregarded? And should we expect the church to behave any differently than traditional business? {Please note that I’m going to be drawing generalities!} In business I’m heavily degree’d, prove my worth and ability time and time again, and still I am not the first one … or even the fifth one to be considered for the high-level project and/or promotion. In church it seems that only the women recognize my spiritual gifts, utilize them, and look to me as a leader. As I think about it, I would not be in the leadership positions I am – if it weren’t for other women. When I was watching “The 9’s” recently, every time a female Pastor or Lay Leader came on, an entire dialogue would commence in the Twitter Chat Room regarding whether or not a woman could (or should) be a Pastor. Women are traditionally considered the ‘weaker’ sex but that in no way means feeble, helpless, or ineffective. God uses all of us, male and female, to grow His kingdom and produce for His glory. It is sad, though, when men don’t look to utilize the whole of the church to accomplish the prime directive. They are

    I heard the ‘argument’ that the first apostle to carry the Gospel was Mary Magdalene a long time ago. Its true. Why not chose a woman? Women are generally more intuitive, more caring, and can be very successful in situations that call for gentle persuasion … hmmmm … kinda like someone else we know.

    Thanks for the video and for opening the discussion.

  3. The fight against the oppression is my biggest cause. The U.S. heavily oppresses women and this is evidenced by the fact we only have 17 congresswomen and the fact that we’ve never had a female president when 65 other countries had. I agree that the church is the biggest offender and it seems to me, that it’s women oppressing other women. Even my mom believes its biblical for women to be in the home and not in the workplace. We as women can’t make any advances if the Puritanical way of thinking doesn’t change. Jesus utliized a lot of women in his ministry and isn’t it our duty to emmulate Jesus?

  4. Rae says:

    I love his ending…are we trying to follow the bible, or the traditions of the church??? A good question (in regard to many issues, not just that of women).

  5. julie says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Mike.

  6. Nan says:

    My perspective comes from service as a volunteer not a church leader.

    I left the church 20 years ago because of oppression: do what we ask but keep your mouth shut. My departure was an immature reaction to immature behavior.

    Now that I/we have returned, the dilemma is which church to attend? We live outside a large city with endless choices. Of the 10 churches we have visited I have not seen oppression as much as lack of community. Get in, grab the message, go home! This feels like a further distancing, an erosion. No opportunity for oppression but no opportunity for community.

    But back to topic. Oppression. I’ve dealt with it my entire life. (As Felecia points out, oppression/disregard is not isolated to the church.) As I matured, I discovered that when I fulfill a need others want filled (different than fulfilling a task that anyone can do) then my voice is heard and given power; I’m indispensable. Oppression then fades because leverage has been built. With His help, this leverage elevates focus off personal dynamics and onto more constructive matters including giving voice to others who do not feel heard.

    I speculate that this model would work within the church if implemented productively and with love.

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