Being Baptized Into Life

Life is filled with many meaningful ceremonies and celebrations. Someday, I imagine that I will be getting married. And, while I hope I thoroughly enjoy the process of being engaged, and have a Curious George themed wedding in which I will be wearing a yellow tuxedo to symbolize that I am the man in the yellow hat. I know that being married is not an act that is completed upon signing a legal document in front of people I love, with the person I hope I will love the most. But marriage is like our walk with God, it is something that is being carried out unto completion. Sharing your life with someone is a constant process of giving and receiving. And, as I become more conscious of who I am and who she is, as we accumulate more and more stuff, and more and more debt, there is a constant and hopefully deeper sharing between us.

I think baptism is like this. Baptism is the symbolism, or event, of a continual choice to be immersed and then to come back up from the waters. This life is requesting of us a continual choice of walking into our deaths, only then to be reborn. There will be moments when we feel like we are suffocating under the oppression of life, only to come out of it and realize the healing was in the wound. This is the hope that we can carry with us. We are called into our crucifixions, so we can find the resurrections.

We are constantly being baptized into life. We symbolically share it with those around us. We spiritually receive it in the many trials and blessings that life is offering to us. And, in death we complete it, when we face our death, and walk into the next life. Life is constantly demanding that we ba baptized. It seems to be the cycle that has been created for us.


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