Christianity In A Cynical Era

Zizek is one of the most renowned Philosophers in the world, and I think he is onto something here. Growing up as an Evangelical, it was extremely cool to be one in the 1990’s, when Billy Graham was a powerful respected voice, when we weren’t known as overly political and anti-homosexual. But, in the 2000’s, everything changed. It became cool to hate Evangelicals. It became cool to hate Christians. And, yet so many Christians I know who hate Christianity hold onto it for the hope and the preservation of their lives. The cynicism could be as much culturally infiltrated into us, as much as it is justifiable through our own experiences.

The thought I had while I was watching the great mind Slavoj Zizek.



One thought on “Christianity In A Cynical Era

  1. corey says:

    Come on, Mike…being evangelical was never cool…you just didn’t know that you weren’t…

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