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I have had the opportunity and blessing to work alongside Launch Ministry for several years now. Launch has been for me a place where I am forced to come face-to-face with not only some of my own struggles with being a young adult, but seeing the struggles of my peers around me. I am seeing the authority in what Launch, and what director Corey Magstadt are doing in the lives of the people in our group, but also offering tremendous value to our community. Whether it be through mentoring, offering services to parents of struggling young adults, or our weekly Bible Studies, Launch is helping a generation that doesn’t really go noticed by the Church.

Today, is our state’s fundraising day for local non-profit’s. If you have a heart for struggling young adult’s, want coffee, or are just wanting to support a good cause, we’d very much appreciate it. If you don’t have the financial means to do this, we also would appreciate other ways of doing this (prayer, mentoring, etc..). If you are interested in who we are, and what we do, you can see more here. Below is our statement for today’s fundraiser.
Helping a college student who is struggling to write a paper. Finding a home for a homeless young woman. Providing a mentally ill 21-year-old with a mentor. Connecting an unemployed young man with a job. Providing support for a recovering addict. Inviting a mentally ill young man to use his musical abilities at a local church. Providing a safe space for parents of struggling young adults to share their stories and find encouragement from one another. A typical week at Launch Ministry.

It is always challenging to talk about money. I’d rather tell stories like those in the previous paragraph. These stories are the heartbeat of why we exist and do what we do. Seeing young people begin to take steps toward adulthood thrills us.

But we can’t tell those stories without your help. The reality is that we are a small nonprofit who exists only because people like you give. We need your support.

Today all across the state of Minnesota, people are giving to nonprofit organizations for Give To The Max Day through This tremendous outflow of generosity demonstrates that people here care about the needs of our communities. Would you consider a gift today as well?

A $10 gift enters us in a drawing to win $1000 every hour.

A $25 gift gets you a pound of our fresh roasted Launch Coffee delivered to your home.

A $50 gift gets you two pounds.

Also, we would appreciate it if you would leave positive feedback on our GiveMN page and tell the world why you believe Launch Ministry is a valuable asset to our community.

Thanks so much for your support!
Corey Magstadt

Executive Director

Launch Minsitry

Donate Now


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