Goodbyes, Identity Loss, Teachings of The Office

What I find to be truthful about this scene (it’s the Regional Manager’s last day), is the truly painful experience of saying goodbye to someone. When you love someone, or have experienced something transformational with them, then a goodbye is not simply just a goodbye, but it is a dying of who you are. To love someone is to give them a piece of who you are, and when you or they leave, that piece stays with them. Our identity is wrapped up in our relationships with others. Whether it be a divorce, a move, a death, or a relationship that can’t be reconciled, these are the moments in which we experience the loss of an identity. We begin to think about, or experience the sense of being lost outside of this persons existence. In terms of our relationship with God, these are the often painful moments where we endure what St. John of the Cross calls, a “Dark Night of the Soul.” Saying goodbye hurts, especially when we truly live life with them before that moment.


One thought on “Goodbyes, Identity Loss, Teachings of The Office

  1. Tana says:

    One of my all-time favorite scenes. Excellent post. Been working through this myself lately, so thanks.

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