Sexuality As Oneness Pt.5

One of the great paradoxes in the Christian faith is the Trinity. In a wonderful way, God is one, but God is also three. When we look at the life of Jesus, this paradox is demonstrated when he tells the people that, “I and the father are one.” When Jesus took on the identity of a human, he did not come down with a fiery wrath claiming the whole Godhead. Rather, he did something that indicated a much higher form of consciousness… He showed his authority of God not as an I, but maintained a proper we. Oneness, does not allow for individuality, but it shows the mutual self-giving that goes on in the relationship that is ensuing. In the Trinity, we see a dance happening around the core of the Godhead where each member is offering the sacred space to the other. This is the power of oneness that we see in love. In Eros, we see this mutual self-giving in a state of harmonious unity. In Eros, we see partners sacrificing their own pleasure for the sake of the other’s.

Oneness is a sacred act of unity that we see with Jesus in the Trinity. It is the sacred act in which two people are continuously moving toward one another. Sex outside of oneness removes God from the act, it removes the other person from the act, and we move back into our very low-level conscious state of I. Sex is a life-altering act. Sex is lived with high anticipation and high responsibility (after all, kids are born out of sex). That responsibility is met with not only serious spiritual implications, but is met with a sense of great joy and bonding. This type of oneness, where you can exist for another human being, can liberate a person into a deeper sense of joy and awareness. Sex is beautiful. Sex was meant to create a greater capacity for life.


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