Changing The Way We See Life Pt.1

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would be see as it is.”- William Blake

This summer I had a friend of mine die. He was 19 years old, and I had the privilege of mentoring him for over a year. We did so much together during that season. We went shopping together. We ate at all of the restaurants in our town together. We talked about God, music, and life together. After he died, I went through this two-month period when I processed much of my reality through his life. Work reminded me of him because his house was visible on my drive to work. Eating in town reminded me of him because it triggered the memories. Certain jokes, certain bands were all flashbacks of our memories. In that time after his life, I saw life through our memories together.

One of my best friends just entered into a relationship with a girl. I see how excited he is. I see how happy this time of life, these moments with her make him. I can tell that he’s trying really hard not to be that annoying guy who spends every waking minute either talking with her, or talking to his friends about her (he’s a good friend). His life is in this blissful state in which he processes his life through the beauty of this relationship. It’s that infatuation stage we all go through when we meet someone who is special to us, “life is perfect because he/she is perfect.”

In Matthew’s Gospel we hear Jesus reference some words from the book of Isaiah, “Then everyone who has eyes will be able to see the truth, and everyone who has ears will be able to hear it.” When I hear these words, I feel connected to Paul’s words in his poem about love in Corinthians, “For now we see dimly, but then face-to-face.” Paul deeply understands that the faithful journey with God is one that is blurry but becomes more clearer over time. Paul knew that God was trying to grace us with his presence in every moment, in every circumstance of our life. God is trying to reveal himself through our life. God will cleanse the blurry sight of my friend through his new way of seeing with his girlfriend. God cleansed my vision through the death of my friend. God does not waste a single moment of human history. He is in the business of reconciling all things. God is desperately trying to reveal himself through our circumstances and breathe a new sense of life in it. God breathes life into us abundantly in our places of love and suffering. In love and suffering, we find a God who is wiping the lens of our vision to better reveal himself and the glory of himself and life.  This is the God who asks us to have eyes to see, and ears to hear, and find the truth, the beauty, the hope in every waking moment. This is a God who meets us in our life, and calls us fully into living it.


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