Psychology and God

Carl Jung is truly one of the great thinkers of the last few hundred years. He has largely influenced how understand the development of human beings. I like this video (although it has some theological holes in it) because it shows that a human being is the greatest danger to themselves. We are tempted to destructive things because of our own darkness. We are often far more self-destructive than other destructive. And, violence happens, as Parker Palmer rightly puts, when human beings know longer know what do with their own suffering. Our holes, our flaws, our pains, are poked by cosmic imbalances and mortal flesh, which triggers our own dark states to self-destruct, and once past the point of self-destruction, to turn it towards others. This is why God must work within the state of the human psyche, and heal us out of our self-destructive narcissism.

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2 thoughts on “Psychology and God

  1. Tana says:

    I tried to find a Jungian psychologist and couldn’t so I started seeing a “regular” psychologist (whatever that means!) and I picked up Jung’s book, Memories, Dreams, Reflections which is highly interesting, as is the book, <Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal by Roderick Main. Thanks for posting this video.

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