What Family Guy Can Teach Christians About Evangelism!

What I love about this clip is what it reveals about some of the fraudulent ways we try to move people into our belief system. Did Brian really find God because he was seduced by his deep held desire to fetch objects that were thrown? There is grave danger in building someone’s foundation of faith off of something that isn’t God. This is why evangelism built around sending people to hell, or how Jesus can make their lives easier is so dangerous. Evangelism like this makes me wonder how much we trust in the God of Truth. If we really believe in the God of Truth, then wouldn’t we want to be a person who reveals something that will set them free? Or are we the type of people that are going to push people into deeper fear? A fear based religion is not only an unstable foundation for faith, but it also continues to demonstrate why so many people often feel negative about Christianity.


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