How Boy Meets World Reveals What My Generation Thinks About God

Skip to 3:20 and watch until the end.

What Shawn reveals is my generations view of God. Christian Smith reveals through his analysis in the book Soul Searching that my generation believes in a God who is moralistic, therapeutic, deism. God essentially wants us to be good people (moralistic), and in doing so, he will step away from his absence of this earth (deism) and help us in our needs (therapeutic). God is there to help us when we need it, but otherwise he is absent, and all he asks of us is to be good people. I think Shawn Hunter’s desperation, his prayer to God, reveals that his relationship with God is distant, but what he really wants is the help from God (in that moment) and people like Mr. Turner to help him become the person he is supposed to be. I appreciated this clip for showing what so many people my age believe about God.


4 thoughts on “How Boy Meets World Reveals What My Generation Thinks About God

  1. Lisa says:

    This was an interesting insight on the relational shallowness, not just of relationships with God, but with others too. Granted Disney isn’t awesome at this sort of thing.

    And I guess Sean hasn’t heard of listening prayer….(apophatic prayer). “God, I’m gonna talk and you’re gonna listen.”

    I’ve noticed this too, but I don’t agree that it’s a problem of just the Boy Meets World generation. It’s pandemic. Maybe it’s just the path of least application.

    My two year old post called: God as a Genie – Hoodoo Part III (moralist therapeutic deism) goes into it, if you get a chance to glimpse it.

  2. I love this post, Mike! If you watch the Glee Episode (“Grilled Cheesus”) where Kurt’s dad is in the hospital and he simply can’t pray, you see the the next permutation in a generational alienation from God. Amazingly, show creator, Ryan Murphy, has the show’s only Christian character (at least for that season) Mercedes take Kurt to church to get the prayer support he needs from those who still believe in prayer. Like this scene from ‘Boy Meets World’ it is a VERY moving sequence. (I think you can still watch the scene at Thanks for stirring the pot!
    PS Could I repost this piece?

  3. Harsh Reality says:

    lol, every writer and almost every actor on Boy Meets World is Jewish. What did you expect?

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