Is Christmas Really About Jesus? Pt.1

Is Christmas really about Jesus? Well… The short answer is obviously yes. But, what are we really saying yes to?

One of the great beauties of Christian teachings is that of incarnation. Why we don’t talk about this more, I don’t know. But, when we say yes to Jesus, we are also saying yes to ourselves and one another. Deep within our own tradition we are trusting ‘that the word became flesh.’ There is something sacred about God becoming a baby. God deeply understood something within us that we struggle admitting to ourselves, we need help. The word becoming flesh is God’s way of saying, “I am with you as a fellow human being. I am here to help you be a better human being.” We can be sure in our moments of vulnerability that we are not alone, because the Word that became flesh entered in this world as a fragile, tender baby.

Saying yes to Christmas is saying yes to a God who walks in flesh, a God who speaks to us through one another, and a God who is saying that human beings are worth not giving up on. It’s about saying yes to our humanity, because Jesus did.


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