Is Christmas Really About Jesus? Pt.2

When we pray, “Come, Lord Jesus” this Christmas, we are praying for much more than a baby being born. The birth of Jesus instilled his messianic kingdom into this earth, the Kingdom of God. The imagination, or the prayer of the birth of Jesus reminds us of two things: 1. That Jesus was born into this world by the Holy Spirit. And, 2. The return of the messianic prayer “Come, Lord Jesus” is not only a prayer for the presence of Jesus, it is follow-up to an already present Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a down payment, a presence of what is to come (Eph. 1:14, II Cor 1:22).

Our hope in this Advent season is that the Holy Spirit, the source of life, is with us. Praying, remembering the birth of the baby, is a reminder of God’s work of new creation. God is making all things new. Through the birth of a baby, to the inevitable return as a man, the Holy Spirit, is working to create new life in all of us and all of creation. Is Christmas really about Jesus? Yes. But, wherever Jesus went, whatever Jesus did, the Holy Spirit was at work beforehand. Christmas is a great reminder of the life that is changing all things.

“In the plea for the coming of the Spirit, the people who cry out for its coming open themselves for what they expect, and let the energies of the Spirit stream into their lives.”-Jurgen Moltmann


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