Giving Up Our Empire For Christmas

What did Jesus come to do? Almost every page of the Gospels is a great reminder that Jesus came to bring the Kingdom of God. He came to bring God’s reign on earth. He came to bring a future reality to our present moment. So, our desire for the baby Jesus in our prayers of, “Come, Lord Jesus” is not a prayer of admiration to baby Jesus like Will Ferrell’s in Talladega Nights. The prayer of “Come, Lord Jesus” is a prayer for the desire of the Kingdom of God.

When we pray for the Kingdom of God through Lord’s prayer, “Your Kingdom Come”, it implies that we are already praying, “My Kingdom Go!” One of the great teachings of Jesus is the fact that we cannot serve God and mammon. We can’t love God and material things. Christmas is a great time to remember that there are so many little baby Jesuses out there. There are people in need. There are people who are in poverty. To pray, “Your Kingdom Come,” may mean we might have to learn how to start giving away our kingdom to others. We can’t have a kingdom and pray, “Come, Lord Jesus.”


3 thoughts on “Giving Up Our Empire For Christmas

  1. Well done with this one Mike. It’s perhaps profounder than you know, goes drilling down to the deep structure of things! Christmas and empire are such contradictory bedfellows, and yet so much of the commodified hype surrounding Christmas is empire through and through. My latest book Church, Gospel, & Empire takes a serious academic look at the roots of this!

  2. Jeff Gill says:

    ‘… it implies that we are already praying, “My Kingdom Go!”’

    Absolutely brilliant thought.

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