The Gospel News For The Holiday Blues

The more I am aware and spend time with others, the more I meet people who struggle during the holiday season. When I talk with these people, there are often feelings of despair, sadness, and guilt that seem to weigh them down. There are memories of loved ones lost; they have an inability to be with their friends or families; they don’t have money for gifts or for food to celebrate like ‘the rest of us’. The holidays, while filled with hope and joy for so many, have filled the hearts of others with a sense of gloom.

If Jesus is indeed the child of peace, then what is the Gospel news for the holiday blues (pardon the rhyme). What would it look like for the children of God to incarnate the peace of Jesus, his gift to the world, to others that don’t have it? How can we be present, and come alongside those in despair and in weakness, to be a friend, a loved one, or someone who can remind them of their inherent worth as a human being? How can we be the Gospel news in the holiday blues?


One thought on “The Gospel News For The Holiday Blues

  1. […] The Gospel News for the Holiday Blues :: Mike Friesen writes a much-needed reminder that things aren’t always mistletoe and jolly for everyone and that we need to be mindful of opportunities to speak the Gospel truths into the lives of the hurting. […]

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