Keeping Christ In Christmas

Ever since I was a little boy I would watch news reports of Christians fighting with the government about keeping Christ in Christmas. There would be wars over Christmas trees being called “holiday trees,” or Christmas vacation being called “winter break.” Deep in my Evangelical worldview grew this deeply held belief that we were called to keep Christmas sacred.

The more I fall in love with Jesus and the Gospels, the more I believe that we are called to keep Christmas sacred… by keeping it out of the political arena. It’s the job of Christians is to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. If Barack Obama wants a holiday tree, give him a holiday tree. Christmas doesn’t belong to the government, Christmas doesn’t belong to America, Christmas belongs to Christians. It’s our job to celebrate with one another the incarnation of a God becoming human. It’s our job to offer our gifts to God, to one another, and to those in need. It’s not our job to care about whether America celebrates Hanukah, or Ramadan. It’s our job to celebrate Jesus and to give to those in need. That is the kingdom of God. The kingdom of this world is by using force over one another to get our agenda. We need to keep Christmas sacred by keeping it away from the materialism and politics of America.


4 thoughts on “Keeping Christ In Christmas

  1. Gillian King says:

    Well said brother! Keeping the Christ in Christmas is really important and it’s important to use the season to remind the world that Christ came for us all! Of course the world doesn’t want to hear it, but it doesn’t stop us from saying it. A very merry Christmas to you!

  2. RevDaniel says:

    It’s not the job of society to make the holidays about Jesus….that’s the job of Christians. After all, so much of what we associate with “Christmas” has nothing to do with Christianity anyway. Saying “Merry Christmas” and demanding that everyone else does too is not how we “keep Christ in Christmas”. Acting like Jesus – giving to the poor, opposing injustice, forgiving those who have harmed us, working for peace where there is hostility etc. That’s how we keep Christ, not only in Christmas, but more importantly throughout the whole year.

  3. RevDaniel says:

    So…in case it wasn’t clear, I’m totally agreeing with you 🙂

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