The Purpose Of Religion

Zizek is one of the foremost philosophers in the world today. If this is hard to comprehend due to his accent, or his philosophical language, Zizek claims that as TV shows created the audible laughter to create an environment to laugh, or to have the TV laugh for us, so Religion does the same. He seems to be claiming that we don’t believe in God, we believe in religion. And, we believe in religion, because religion believes in God for us. People who are religious don’t believe in God, they believe in the belief of God.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


One thought on “The Purpose Of Religion

  1. I know I mentioned Peter Rollins’ book Insurrection earlier this week. There are parts of the book I agree with, and parts I can’t buy into, but this is another topic he touched on.

    He basically made the same argument, more or less saying that religion can act as a sterilizer to true belief in God. It allows us to stay hopeful in the face of adversity because we can recite platitudes like, “It’s okay this is hard now. On the other side of heaven, the payoff will be worth it,” and convince ourselves to be “at peace.” But it strips us from the necessity of doing the deep soul searching our hardship may be calling us to, and really pursuing God into the darkness in front of us that would lead us to a deeper understanding of God and his heart.

    Religion takes that from us because, either overtly or in sly undertones, tells us it has all the answers of God tied up with a neat little bow. There is no room left for darkness.

    Rollins’ book (in overly sensationalistic language, imo) encourages us to embrace the “death of God,” meaning the letting go of the God we’ve sterilized by religion to make room for the true God who is bigger and messier and more abundant than anything that could be contained by doctrine.

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