Ego: A Great Separation From God

The ego needs self-gratification.

The ego needs to be loved by others.

The ego is the part of ourselves that needs to have meaning defined by ourselves.


Thomas Merton calls the ego, the self that is apart from God. It longs to find meaning, love, purpose, outside of God.

God does not know the person inside of the ego, because the ego is not who that person really is. The ego does not represent the human who is made in God’s image.

This is the trap that we find ourselves in day after day. To long to be outside of God.


The ego doesn’t know that the person inside of it is good, but tries to achieve it.

The person with God knows that he is good, because he knows that God is good.


The ego will not be satisfied with the love that it receives, because the love it receives is imperfect.

The person with God is satisfied with love, because what he is receiving is perfect.


The person who constantly need to satisfy the ego, the person who doesn’t learn to die to himself, lives a demeaning and meaningless existence. Because everything and everyone, is a means to an end. The object of my satisfaction. But only when the ego dies, will that satisfaction be found in God.


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