Science & Spirituality: The Perfect Balance Of An Intelligent Creator

Did you know that the sun is 93 million miles away from planet Earth? If it were 92 million, or 94 million miles away, all things would die. The earth tilts on a 23.5 degree axis. When one looks at the structures of the other planets, one will recognize that none of the other planets do. Why does it do this? Because if the earth did not tilt on this axis then it would not receive the 40% of the gravitational pull from the sun, while the other 60% of the pull comes from the moon.  If it tilted on any other degree axis, all things would die.

Hydrogen on Earth is converted at .007% of its mass into helium, .001% less or more, everything dies. Our atmosphere is 21% oxygen. Move either way of 21%, everything dies. Our blood stream and our oceans are filled with 3.4% salt. If you take away from or add to that, everything dies.

This is called the science of fine tuning. If you look it up, there are hundreds of small details showing the way that the world is perfectly dialed in to sustain human life.

Theologians like William Lane Craig use the science of fine tuning to try and prove the existence of God, without answering which God, or which religion is right. This is one of religions main arguments for an intelligent creator. (This theory has kept some scientists agnostics, and has had some heated battles with atheists like Richard Dawkins)

(If you want to read more on fine tuning, Robin Collins is the most renowned teacher of it. Or, you can get an extremely introductory course (the source of my examples) on Rob Bell’s DVD Everything Is Spiritual.”


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